Zagreb-based Kompas Travel Agency Cancelling Trips and Offering Compensation

Zagreb, October 5 (CNW) – The Zagreb-based popular travel agent, Kompas, has recently been cancelling earlier agreed trips and has been directing disgruntled customers to seek compensation in line with legislation on travel agents.

Although there has been no confirmation of the company experiencing trouble, several of its branches remain shut.

The company representatives have responded to queries about the ongoins within the tour operator by saying that all those affected should seek compensation in line with legal provisions.

The Association of Touroperators at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has confirmed that the company was experiencing certain troubles, but there has been no explanation of what it was actually going through.

The Kompas tour operator is one of the top organisers of trips within Croatia and outside Croatia’s borders and has been operating since the mid-1960’s.

The company currently has some 50 employees and an 86-percent stake in it is held by the Inspire Fusion investment fund.