Croatian PM Tests Positive for Covid-19

ZAGREB, Dec1 (CNW) – After initially testing negative for the coronavirus, Croatian PM Andrej Plenković revealed on Monday evening he had tested positive and has been ordered to isolate for the next 10 days.

Plenković had already been in isolation, after his wife tested positive for the virus last week. The Croatian PM had been working remotely since he was placed in isolation and had allegedly been isolating in his attic in order not to mix with the rest of his family.

He had chaired an online government session on Monday, prior to the news breaking of him also testing positive.

Plenković is said to be feeling fine and is to continue working from home.
Five senior Croatian officials have so far recovered from the virus with the Health Minister, Vili Beroš, also falling victim to the virus last week.

Croatia is currently one of the EU countries with the highest number of new coronavirus cases per day and with more than 1,700 people dying since the start of the pandemic.

The serious situation has resulted in a ‘soft’ lockdown as of November 28th, the health authorities hoping to get the numbers of new cases down by Christmas.

The group of experts leading Croatia’s fight against Covid-19 have been accused of making moves that are politically motivated in some cases and most are said to be members of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) that is currently at the country’s helm, many believing some of their decisions may have been influenced by their political leanings.